Snap On Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench is used to remove a nut or bolt from a machine, vehicle or anywhere you want to fix something.  This is the best tool to use in many situations.  Auto mechanics, handy men, home builders and anyone who fix or maintain buildings, offices, houses are the individuals who oftenly carries this handy tool.

A torque wrench is required when screw and bolts are loosened. For instance, automobile, beds, furniture and many other parts or pieces that need tightness of screws and bolts.  Moreover, Torque wrenches have many designs and sizes. Although many new patented designs have been modified and have come out to the market. These types have the same capabilities but can be operated in different ways or locations.

Electronic or programmable torque wrenches are determined through torque level which has set limits, by which the torque level is determined. It has transducer and LED that sends signal and display the force of torque per unit. These readings can also be saved in a computer for document spreadsheets use.

The Click Wrench is similar to socket wrench but slightly more advanced. With the use of its clutch mechanism, you can pre-set the level of torque. Once the torque level is reached, clutch starts to slip-up to show the required level once it has achieved the torque level. This advanced design prevents the mechanism from breaking especially the torque level is overreached or over-stretched. Moreover, this also has a turn off mechanism.

 The Beam Wrench is the most basic type of torque wrench. It is similar with a weighing scale with a needle pointer. Once torque is being used, there is a scale and an indicator that moves to give a reading.

Plumbers Wrench (No-Hub) is a type of wrench that is only suitable for couplings on soil pipes. The plumbers wrench has been pre-adjusted to slip-up when the enough level of torque strength is achieved. This type of torque wrench is only suitable for this type of job.

A hydraulic torque wrench is specifically designed for pieces that require a lot of pressure and power such as automobiles.

The Deflecting Beam Wrench is the application of a torque that gives better accuracy and consistent when reading higher levels of torque pressure. Also, it helps prolong the life of the wrench.

Summing up, there are several of tools that can our work faster, a Torque Wrench is one of the accurate and handy tools to use.

Keep in mind that torque wrench is a perfect measuring device that needs hard work. There are less and more pricey torque wrench available and this can last for years if handled well.